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Alot of the blogs are buzzing about Jessica Alba’s ‘Nude’ scene in Machete, but little do they know about Alba’s no-nude policy. The above picture just proves that. The wonders of retouching.

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Jessica Alba attended the Who What Wear And Cadillac’s 50 Most Fashionable Women Of 2013 Event at The London Hotel on October 24, 2013 in West Hollywood, California.

Jessica is wearing an ivory Wes Gordon Resort 2014 long-sleeved box-pleated mini dress with dual-colour striped inserts.

Jerome C. Rousseau ‘Flicker’ nude peep-toes with a silver toecap, Joan Hornig ‘Chrylser Deco’ earrings and a black clutch accessorized her look, while she decided upon a fall-like rich-berry lip colour and wavy tresses for her resort look. – (

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Revlon Brand Ambassador Jessica Alba has answered your questions about her beauty, health and fashion tips! Head over to the Revlon Facebook page for more.

Bijita B. asked: What in your opinion makes a woman beautiful?
Jessica answered: Confidence and self respect to me are always the most beautiful part of a woman.

Traci L. & Luz M. asked: What’s your daily work-out & diet routine to keep healthy?
Jessica answered: While pregnant, prenatal yoga 4-5 times a week, 2 liters of water, eat organic fresh foods & to try to eliminate processed foods with high sugar & salt content. When I’m not pregnant & trying to get fit, I do 45 minutes to 1 hour, 5 days a week of exercise, heart rate at fat burning level. I also do lots of stretching & core work.

Lynette G. asked: What are good makeup colors for people in their 50′s?
Jessica answered: I think neutrals with just one pop of color with cheek, lip or lid, but not everywhere.

Amy R. asked: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one kind of drink, one kind of food and one song to listen to, what would they be?
Jessica answered: Drink- water for sure, food- almonds because it is high in fat- we are talking survival, right?! Song- Nadaka Meditation Vol 3- Cloud of Mercy- because I would probably freak out and will need to meditate A LOT.

Jeanette A. & Michelle H. asked: What are your favorite products from the Revlon line to use?
Jessica answered: Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel and Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss

Lejla K. asked: Any suggestions for people with dry and sensitive skin prone to allergies? Like almond oil, shea butter or calendula oil…i used those in combination…do you have any experience with those ingredients?
Jessica answered: Yes! A gentle cleanser and gently exfoliate with a wash cloth. Products for sensitive skin and all organic are great to use.

Meghan D., Domenica Y., Farhana K., Dominique A., Marina B. & Catie H. asked: How do you maintain your flawless, beautiful skin? Also, who was your beauty inspiration growing up?
Jessica answered: I try to eat organic, follow my skin regime AM/PM, and drink lots of H2O. My beauty inspiration growing up was my grandmother.

Jacinta D. & Nadia A. asked: What is your favorite lipstick and lip gloss from Revlon? What’s your favorite all time lip colors?
Jessica answered: Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in Papaya and Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Icy Nude, Coral and True Red.

Karen T. asked: How do you take care of your complexion?
Jessica answered: I cleanse, tone and moisturize AM and PM.

Delia C. asked: What lipstick should I use that can keep my lips moisturized?
Jessica answered: Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick

Urvashi S. asked: I am keen to know about your diet and the way you maintain your flawless skin.
Jessica answered: I try to eat organic, fresh foods and eliminate processed/sugary/salty foods. I also drink 2 liters of water a day.

Olga J., Celia L., Janice D., Stacy A., & Grace C. asked: What skin care products do you use and recommend?
Jessica answered: I use a foaming cleanser, eye cream, active serum, almond oil, and a good moisturizer.

Jessica Alba has starred in action flicks, romantic comedies, and high school dramas. But don’t ever expect to see her in a nude scene (sorry, guys). Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes shots from her shoot with Michael Thompson. For more of our interview with the actress, pick up the August issue of Allure, on newsstands July 19.

Jessica Alba may be undeniably sexy, but it wasn’t until she actually had a baby of her own, she says, that she understood or appreciated her own sexuality. “I was quite shy with it,” she says. “It wasn’t something I embraced until I had my daughter. I saw how incredible and amazing it is to be a woman and to be able to create a life.

“There’s a reason why certain areas of the body are desirable—because it all leads to reproduction. There’s a science behind it all. It’s not just to sell whatever you’re selling on a billboard or a magazine or a movie.”

Alba has strong feelings about nudity. In all her movies, she says, “At least I’m still covered. I’m wearing as much as a bathing suit. It’s not like I’m naked. I’m not terribly comfortable with being in a bikini, but covering up my genitals is different than not covering up my genitals, at the end of the day. I do see a difference in that, to put it really frankly.” Here, she poses in a satin gown by Derek Lam.

After her first pregnancy, Alba (shown here with hairstylist Danilo) worked hard to get back into shape, and she was successful—up to a point. “I can’t ever get down to the weight I was before I had Honor,” she says. “My body’s just different. The jeans just sort of zip up differently, and things hang differently. It’s a miracle what happens, but you definitely are different afterward.” She laughs. “Unless you’re Gisele.”

Alba was recently horrified by a tabloid story in which a young woman had sought to recapture the attention of an ex-boyfriend by being surgically altered to look more like the actress. “That’s just so bizarre, because the physical is so fleeting anyway,” she says. “And when you’re in a relationship, the physical lasts for, maximum, two years. And then you don’t care how attractive you are to that person—if they drive you nuts, they drive you nuts.”

Danilo clipped in long extensions for some shots but removed them for the cover. “I wanted to work with the effortlessness of her bob,” he says. He created spiral curls with a large iron, parted her hair on the side, and loosened the curls with a mixed-bristle brush. For the cover shot, Alba wore a silk-jersey-and-leather dress by Derek Lam.

Makeup artist Pati Dubroff used red and brown shades for “an ethereal, wood-nymph look.” First, Dubroff dusted a reddish-brown-colored shadow on Alba’s lids and swiped a glossy lipstick pencil on top. She then lined the actress’s eyes with a brown pencil and applied a few coats of black mascara. Next, she swept a generous amount of rosy blush onto the apples of the cheeks. As a final step, the makeup artist used her fingers to tap on nude lipstick, which softened Alba’s lip color.

For her Allure cover, Alba was photographed at Franklin Canyon Lake—a picturesque part of a 605-acre park overlooking the Los Angeles skyline. Her daughter, Honor, visited the set and stayed to watch her pose for a few shots.

At the cover shoot, Alba gave pregnant manicurist April Foreman tips on changing diapers. “You’ll want to practice before you have the baby,” she says. The actress joked with photographer Michael Thompson about her own bump—Alba was also pregnant when he shot her for the June 2008 Allure cover.

Alba, on approaching her thirtieth birthday: “According to some people, I peaked in my early 20s,” she says with a chuckle. “I was like, ‘Oh, really? I feel like I’m getting better.’” (Allure)

Photoshoot by Michael Tompson

Behind the scenes photos

Monday, June 13th, 2011
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The family were spotted out in Beverly Hills, California, this morning heading to Jack and Jill’s restaurant to have some breakfast.

Jessica looked positively glowing in a pair of blue jeans and a flowing nude top which just revealed her growing baby bump. She teamed her outfit with flat beige pumps and a grey jacket.

The day before she had spent the morning picking up presents for her three-year-old daughter Honor, just days after the toddler celebrated her birthday.

The caring mother, whose baby is due later this summer, is obviously keen to ensure Honor doesn’t feel left out with all the excitement that normally surrounds a new baby.

The Valentine’s Day star picked up colouring books for her mini-me daughter from Star Toys in the swanky Los Angeles neighbourhood of Brentwood, near where Alba and husband Cash Warren live. (Dailymail).

Click on the preview above to view more photos… and more photos below.

June 10 – Shopping at Star Toys in Brentwood, CA
June 10 – Celebrating Honor’s 3rd Birthday at Olivia’s Dollhouse

Friday, March 18th, 2011
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TMZ now has more victims of the hackers who are in the cross hairs of the FBI for pilfering nude pics of celebrities.

We’ve learned the ring has hit the mobile and other devices of Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Christina AguileraWe’ve already told you the ring also stole pics and video from Vanessa Hudgens, Scarlett Johansson, Ali Larter, Busy Philipps, Miley Cyrus, Emma Caulfield, Addison Timlin and Renee Olstead.

In all, the FBI believes the ring has targeted 50 celebs — all female. (TMZ)

Friday, November 12th, 2010
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Jessica Alba has so far avoided screen nudity, but her new movie about immigration sees her abandon her reserve. The Fantastic Four star tells Gill Pringle why

If most actresses will do anything to get to the top, once they arrive that often all changes as they suddenly become picky. Not so Jessica Alba. How else do you explain her steamy scenes with a man more than twice her age, not to mention a jaw-dropping nude shower scene, in the sexy “Mex-ploitation” film, Machete? Not only does the camera linger longingly over Alba as she takes the shower, it also features her in bedroom scenes with an ex-con played by veteran actor Danny Trejo, 66. We are told the underwear she wore in the shower was digitally removed afterwards, but it’s still surprising for an actress who has always sworn off screen nudity.

“You think this version is sexy?! In the original script I played twins, and there was a lot more sex,” she says teasingly, making it abundantly clear that she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

“But I’ve never been very comfortable with that stuff. I get freaked out and nervous, I guess, so I told Robert [Rodriguez, the film's director], ‘this is an awesome movie and I’d love to be a part of it but I don’t feel comfortable doing that’, and he was like, ‘oh, we’ll rewrite it and we’ll do what you are comfortable with’.”

Machete is notable not least for the audacity in casting Alba and Robert De Niro alongside more faded acts like Lindsay Lohan, Don Johnson and Steven Seagal. But, most importantly for Alba, it marks her first film playing a Latina character – a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent.

“Robert is a real pioneer. No one would have cast Salma [Hayek] in anything until he told them: ‘Look, she’s amazing’. He’s really opened Hollywood up for actresses like us who refuse to play the stereotypes. And, yes, Machete is exploitative, but I also feel like we wouldn’t be able to talk about the political and social messages that this movie talks about if we weren’t participating in the fun of being in an exploitation movie. It’s all great fun, but it also brings home certain serious messages about immigration. I grew up with road signs showing a dad, a mom and a child running in the air,” she says, recalling growing up close to the Mexican-American border in San Diego, where her father worked on a nearby US Air Force base.

“Those signs are still there. It’s like you see rabbits crossing and there’ll be a little picture of a rabbit but then, a few miles down the freeway, you’ll see a road sign showing a family and the kid would be literally flying in the air. That’s what you saw driving on the freeway. And that’s what I grew up with. We’d go all the time to Tijuana or Rosarito, across the border, because my dad always wanted me to stay connected with that. It’s always been a relevant issue for me and Robert because we grew up with that reality, and it just happens today that a state did something really foolish and passed this very racist and foolish law, so this film has now taken on a life of its own,” says Alba, 29, proud to be tapping into her Latina heritage for the first time in her 25-movie career.

She confesses she used Machete as an opportunity to brush up on her Spanish. “It was worse in the beginning and got better towards the end. But I wanted it to be like that, and my cadence was very gringa in the beginning and then at the end it had improved. But I’m really trying. At home I speak a little bit to my daughter but its just basic stuff. My goal is for her to be trilingual because we’re enrolling her in a French school and then she gets Spanish every day at the house,” says Alba, who wed long-time boyfriend, Cash Warren, in May 2008 in a private ceremony just weeks before the birth of their now two-year-old daughter, Honor.

Motherhood, she insists, has been transformative. “I think I’m actually a little more wild and free since I’ve had her because, once she’s in bed, all my mom friends, we get together and have dance parties at the house. It sounds really dorky but its true. It’s certainly something I wouldn’t have done before,” says the actress whose post-baby choices have been intriguing, ranging from this year’s all-star ensemble romance Valentine’s Day to serial-killer thriller The Killer Inside Me.

“I know, its weird, isn’t it? I think everyone expects me to start doing family films now,” says Alba, who next up appears in comedy Little Fockers with De Niro and Barbra Streisand, before reuniting with Machete director Rodriguez to play a sexy-spy mum in kids’ adventure movie Spy Kids 4.

Determined to become an actress since the age of five, she was 11 when she won an acting competition in Beverly Hills, winning acting lessons which led to her being signed up by an agent. Commercials and small TV roles quickly followed, including a couple of guest spots on Beverly Hills 90210. After graduating she studied acting at David Mamet’s Atlantic Theater Company, in the company of William H Macy and his wife Felicity Huffman. Aged 17, Alba auditioned with Machete director Rodriquez for his horror film Faculty, although he felt she was too young for the role. But James Cameron selected her from 1,200 hopefuls to play the part of a genetically-engineered soldier on short-lived TV series Dark Angel. She was soon cast as the eponymous star of Honey, her sexy dance moves sealing her career as a major Hollywood sex symbol and leading to bigger budget roles in Fantastic Four, Sin City and Meet Bill.

Regularly voted Sexiest Women in the World or similar, she’s had almost as decade to mull over what this means: “This whole ‘sex goddess’ thing? Half the time, I don’t even know what that means. It sounds beyond me. Way beyond me. Because I don’t put myself out there to get that kind of attention. When I do, it’s flattering, but it’s not what I set out to do. I just want to be in movies, and I really don’t see myself like this. I don’t especially celebrate it but I’m grateful about it. And when I go home I wash it all away. I need to find time to be myself and not to be only a personality part of the business.

“I’m not sure what people really think about me and who they believe I am. When you see me in these magazines, it’s always tailored to how they are trying to sell the movie or sell me – but this is not really me.

“I grew up Catholic so I have lots of guilt I can’t seem to shake away. I’m really just a simple girl from the suburbs. But, a lot of the time, the magazines don’t show that side of me. I’m proud of my heritage. I grew up in California and my great-grandparents on my dad’s side are from Mexico. I’m half Mexican and the other half is French and Danish. Not so long ago, there was an idea of what an American movie star had to be, or what criteria you had to fit in to be a leading lady or man and it’s changing. And I’m very glad to be part of this group of people who are ethnically diverse.

“When I grew up as a teenager, it was still a very different point of view of who the girl next door was and now it’s quite different. I didn’t grow up with rich girls so I really don’t fit in that other group of girls. I’m a regular girl from the suburbs. The people who inspire me in real life are those who are trying to make this world better than it is. It’s about all kinds of people, and I don’t want to only point to people already in the eye of the media, because it’s also about simple people, like my grandmother, who inspire me. Or President Obama,” says the actress who has lent her name and support to numerous causes from Aids charities to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, as well as publicly endorsing Barack Obama and encouraging voter-registration among the young during the 2008 presidential election.

Congratulate her on her killer figure in Machete – not to mention the ability to throw a lethal kick while wearing four-inch heels – and she smiles. “I’ll be honest, they were killing my feet! Walking in them isn’t half as fun as putting them into someone’s eye. That’s for sure. I personally think it’s sexier to see a strong woman.

“But I actually hate working out. I haven’t worked out regularly since my daughter was three-and-a-half months old and she’s more than two years old now. I know I should work out but I’m just tired. I’m doing a bit of training now for Spy Kids 4. I’m trying to get back into it. Its not easy though.”

‘Machete’ is released on 26 November


Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Our cover star for the November is unveiled: the incredible Jessica Alba, star of this month’s Machete

See all of Gavin Bond’s pictures of Ms Alba and read her interview with Piers Morgan only in British GQ, out on Thursday 7 October.

Watch our world exclusive short film of Jessica Alba, British GQ’s cover star for the November issue and the leading lady in Robert Rodriguez’s gloriously debauched Machete. *See BELOW. (

The Fantastic Four star strips to her smalls – and it’s easy to figure why her killer curves are the main attraction of crime thriller Machete.

But amazingly the actress, mum of two-year-old Honor, claims childbirth has left her stretched and droopy.

She said: “My breasts are saggy, I’ve got cellulite, my hips are bigger… every actress out there is more beautiful than me.”

Jessica, 29, also revealed she used to be TERRIFIED of taking her clothes off for the camera.

“I’ve never been comfortable showing my body off. I used to have anxiety attacks before shoots,” she said.

These days anything goes – well, almost. Jessica draws the line at baring all, despite a “nude” shower scene in Machete, which opens next month. Digital trickery was used – she wore white undies that were edited out.

She said: “I’ll never do a nude scene. I can act sexy and wear sexy clothes but can’t go naked.”

Despite her “big hips and cellulite”, the actress insists she’s completely comfortable with her own body, declaring: “I love it.”

Well, we Alba-sutely love it too, Jess. (

Photoshoot x2

Behind the scenes screencaptures

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
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GORGEOUS Hollywood actress Jessica Alba doesn’t feel tied down and boring now she’s a mum. Quite the reverse, in fact – she’s turned into a party animal.

The 29-year-old Sin City star is mum to two-year-old Honor and married to producer Cash Warren.

But there’s nothing of the desperate housewives about her.

She said: “I think I’m a little more wild and free since I had her because once she’s in bed, all my mom friends, we get together and have dance parties at the house.

“It’s really dorky but I probably would have never done that before.

“No, I don’t go out. I hang out with my friends and I’m pretty chill.”

Given she is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women on the planet, was voted FHM’s sexiest woman in the world and was one of GQ Magazine’s 25 sexiest women in film of all time, it’s surprising Jessica never gets hit on in the street.

She revealed: “I don’t get asked out, ever. I always had a problem with that.”

We were dumbstruck, too. But then, Jessica is a woman of contradictions. Nowadays, she looks the embodiment of good health but her early life was filled with pain and illness.

During childhood, she suffered from collapsed lungs twice and had pneumonia four or five times a year, as well as a ruptured appendix and a tonsillar cyst.

It left her feeling lonely and isolated from schoolfriends, a situation not helped by the fact her dad was in the military and she moved around, attending a lot of different schools.

When she was able to go to school, the other pupils would often tease her because of the equipment she had to use to combat her asthma.

She said: “I would have asthma attacks and I would have a breathing machine that was really loud. And when I would play sports, I would be on the sidelines with my breathing machine.”

Now Jessica is teaching daughter Honor to be accepting of others and has shown those school bullies what she is capable of in a stream of action-packed films such as Fantastic Four and her latest, Machete. It also stars Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal and Miami Vice’s Don Johnson.
Read more…

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Scarlet Magazine, March 2010

Jessica Alba graces the cover of the March edition of Scarlet “the magazine that turns on women”. Inside the mag Jessica talks about her childhood, being famous, and describes her ideal man. Read some of the highlights below and click on the previews to view them.
The best thing about being famous:
“Making lots of money has made me happy. No one else helped me – I’ve done this all by my self, on my own terms. My dad’s also turned his real-estate business round and doing really well, and my brother acts, models and does mortgages, so we’ve all come up in the world. Anyone out there who gets bullied should realise that they can take control of their lives and succeed”.

Describing her ideal man:
“I go for a shy, nerdy type of guy, and I always prefer older men. I’m pretty wary of really good-looking guys and actually, as an actress, you work with so many men, you become completely immune. Deep down it’s probably because they were always the ones who ignored me when I was younger. I feel much more at home with normal, regular guys. Older men are much more comfortable within their skin and are out to prove less”.

On doing a nude scence:
“No, i’ll never do a nude scene. I can act sexy and wear sexy clothes but I can’t go naked. I think I was always very uncomfortable about the way my body developed, and I remember my grandmother would freak out and throw a towel over me if she saw me wearing just a bra and panties. I come from a very Catholic family so it wasn’t seen as a good thing to flaunt yourself like that. I can handle being sexy with clothes on but not with them off”.

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